2015 Pedagogy Training
Senior Education Officers delivering Aboriginal Pedagogy Course in NSW Department of Education Schools & Interstate.
Allan Hall Senior Education Officer SEO2 T 02 6841 3852 M 0457 543 908 E allan.hall@det.nsw.edu.au Wagga Network of Schools NSW DoE
Yvonne Hill Senior Education Officer SEO 1 T 02 6841 3853 Wagga Network of Schools E Yvonne.Hill@det.nsw.edu.au Wagga Network of Schools NSW DoE

Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers in Dubbo, Broken Hill, Bourke and Sunraysia network of Schools.
Marilyn Redman Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer T 02 6841 3850
Dean Murray Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer T 02 6841 3850
Benjamin Orcher Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer T 02 68701093
Susan Cearns Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer T 02 6841 3850
Natalie Wighton Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer

The Department of Education is a NSW Institute of Teachers endorsed provider of professional development for the maintenance of accreditation of Professional Competence. Scope of ent: all Elements of the professional Teaching Standards.The Aboriginal Pedagogies course is registered professional development under the terms of the NSW Institute of Teachers Continuing Professional Development policy. For teachers accredited at Professional Competency completion of this course will contribute 10 hours of Institute Registered professional development.Aboriginal pedagogies.

10 Hour Registered Aboriginal Pedagogy Course

Module 1 8-Way Introduction Refresher Module
This module is a dynamic workshop that introduces (or revises) the 8ways of Aboriginal Pedagogy framework. It demonstrates how to teach through culture, rather than about culture.
Module 2 8-Way Cultural Orientation Module
This is a reflection session that helps teachers to identify and analyse their own personal cultural orientation to learning.
Module 3 8-Way Competency Training Module
This module explores the 8Ways pedagogy framework in detail and a series of activities to show teachers how to use the pedagogies in practical and localised ways.
Module 4 8-Way Wiki Session
This module explores the 8-Way wiki and how it can be used to influence what happens in the classroom each day. Resources and teaching strategies will be explored in this module.
Module 5 8 way Unit Planning ModuleThis is a collaborative planning session in which teachers are supported to include a planning unit using Aboriginal Pedagogies and design lessons based on Aboriginal Learning processes.
2 Hour Registered Courses available out of the Dubbo Bangamalanha Centre:
  • Aboriginal Communication
  • Aboriginal Technology
  • Aboriginal Critical Perspectives
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Aboriginal Research
  • Aboriginal Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • How to Integrate Aboriginal Knowledge in Organisations
  • Western NSW Aboriginal Languages
  • Communities, Stories and Sites