Walgett Pedagogy Rules based on their Traditional Gamilaraay Language, Stories and Totems

  • Walgett’s 8 basic rules grew out of a particular ethic based on their Traditional Gamilaraay Language, totems and stories. It’s is all about relational responsiveness, a protocol of attending to relational obligations in the Walgett community. Relating and responding holistically to people, land, culture, language, spirit and the relationships between these with integrity and intellectual rigour.

  • In the beginning of this exciting project the Deputy Principal Michael Clare consulted with staff then the idea/ concept was presented for approval to the Dharriwaa Elders Group, Walgett AECG and the Combined Working Party of Walgett. Once approved, Walgett Public School commissioned a local Aboriginal artist to produce some marvellous paintings. Walgett P.S used Low SES funding to have the rules professionally produced as high quality metal signs. These signs were placed in all classrooms and around the school playground in Term 4 2011. To augment this initiative the staff created and produced interactive smart board learning activities, black line masters and a series of classroom lessons based on the stories behind these rules.

  • ==Michael Clare the Deputy Principal explained “ When we compare the behaviour data from 2011 with 2012, the results showed 15% less suspensions and a decline in serious behaviour incidents compared with the same time last year, this is an indication that relational responsiveness "works" appreciating local knowledge is the key to developing an effective behaviour management approach in schools anywhere. It is the perception of the world that drives our behaviour.

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