Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), the Process, is just as important as the end product


8ways inspired my presentation

I wish to acknowledge the first people in this country and I say this out of respect to the old fullas past and present. As a future engineer it is important that we respect our country and follow the proper protocols and behaviors in regard to respecting our country. In this process it eliminates conflict in any situation and keeps all levels balanced, especially from an Aboriginal worldview. This is a speech in a way where you also get to know me and what I think. Please take note as you will see my standpoint. This is my way of entering into the world of Engineering, that I am enjoying very much so.

Within a fast-moving environment, sometimes we carry about our infrastructure and management without carrying out the appropriate protocols. It is important to possess cultural literacy and have knowledge of the people whom you are dealing with in project management, and what better way to respect the land and country by Acknowledging it first. When you acknowledge country you acknowledge the people from that country. I am passionate about this because in any situation I do believe Culture cleanses the heart and guides us to make the right decisions. I would like to be a maker of good decisions one day. In this speech we look at tree diagrams and other abstract information that best explains an idea.

Print Cultures- Verbal metaphors e.g. beginning- middle -end


Oral Cultures- Visual metaphors e.g. roots - trunk- branches

From an ancestral way we used metaphors like trees such as (root-trunk-branch) where we come from to create new methodologies for learning, being and doing. These metaphors can clearly explain a process with a deeper level of thinking. I can’t help but look at things from an Aboriginal Worldview as I look through Aboriginal eyes 24/7. Please understand I gain knowledge to invest back into my community- we gain knowledge to keep balance rather than have power and control.

In my speech I will be highlighting some key points on Project Management and discussing many aspects surrounding it. Thank you for listening, the old fullas always say that there is so much knowledge in silence.

Aboriginal people come from oral cultures. But have used the tree diagram for mapping out progression. This tree diagram metaphor is an example of how we apply the ancestral way processes in our daily tasks without knowing about it. I can see how my Engineering projects will be carried out with integrity as I take myself through the process, my way of learning through my ways of doing and knowing.

What is Project Management? It is the following;
There are many aspects surrounding Project Management. Two aspects which I will be discussing in depth will be Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and developing the Scope statement.

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) in Project Management is a complex system that is broken down into simple steps which is results-orientated family tree to describe projects discretely in a way that organise work elements. It is usually represented as a tree diagram to show the breakdown of broad categories into finer levels of detail.
There are two main objectives for using WBS,

Aboriginal people used a process of learning maps, mapping out in a non-linear way, often accompanied by some risk taking but this can be viewed very much the same way looking at this entire project from a WBS standpoint, it can work from smaller tasks by better estimating risk, time, and cost. The WBS consists of a combination of products, data and services.

The project manager is then able to revise and update the WBS when needed. WBS is usually displayed as a hierarchical tree or can be represented as a tabular list of element categories and then used in a Gantt chart schedule. Dependency in a WBS i.e. a Gantt chart is when one job cannot be started until another one is finished, it is imperative to identify a projects progress, an example includes:

· Level and compact-base is a dependency on level and compact sub-base therefore the base cannot be constructed until the sub-base has been leveled and constructed (this is a very simply analogy of a rural road construction, setting the foundation right for success).
The WBS show many sections of effort required to receive an objective, there are many examples and three consists of contract, program and the project. There are many steps in a project or contract to achieve by successfully subdividing manageable components in terms of size, duration, and responsibility. There are always important things to consider in every task and the process is important part of the task.

The 100% rule states that the work breakdown structures includes 100% of the work defined by the project scope and captures all deliverables - internal, external, interim – in terms of the work to be completed including project management”.

The WBS designed principle is called the 100% rule, it is considered to be an important asset in the design stage of the project. Wikipedia explains For example, this basically means that through to level one to level three all divisions must individually add up to 100%. The 100% rule acts a guideline in terms of outcomes and results and by this I mean, the WBS designer try’s to capture the action oriented details therefore the designer will include too may actions or too few actions. If the designers include too many actions then it will exceed 100% of the scope and too few will fall short of the scope. The WBS can be applied to any project; it’s a basic principle for managing projects. This is all about keeping balance from an ancestral way of doing things, the process is important. My holistic guidance in this course comes from land, people and the use of symbols and images to map out learning. We can learn about many things though a culture way. I understand the WBS system more by looking at it through my ways of learning, doing and knowing.

After the 5 minute presentation the response from fellow classmates were:
  • " I didnt see it like that before"
  • " I am going to have more respect for the land when I carry out my projects"
  • " I didn't know you felt so strong about your culture, I thought you had to live traditionally to feel Aboriginal culture like that"
  • " Thank you for your insightful new way of presenting"

John James Kirby of Brewarrina NSW...